RJ – Senior Offshore Surveyor

Opportunity: Senior Offshore Surveyor

Company: InterMoor do Brasil (www.intermoor.com http://www.intermoor.com/)

Mention in Subject: Senior Offshore Surveyor

Send Resumes to: hr.brazil@intermoor.com mailto:hr.brazil@intermoor.com

We will not accept resumes without salary requirements

Fluency in English is necessary;

Senior Surveyor required for Surface and Subsea positioning contracts

Education: Oceanographer, Cartographic Engineer, Geomatic Technician, Electronic Technician

Experience: more than 2 years of experience



The Senior Offshore Surveyor is one of the members of the survey team and will have responsibility for the correct operation of survey equipment, survey sensors and on line survey software on offshore projects, and to ensure collection of data is according to defined specifications purposes for the survey project.

Specific Knowledge:

·Ability to generate reports and quality control of information

·Land Survey experience also preferred;

·Surface systems experience to include numerous GPS systems, Online Offline acquisition / processing software packages and a working knowledge of Geodetics

·Good working knowledge in various calibration techniques essential

·Experience in ROV support operations including pipeline and general construction support work preferred

·LBL/USBL/Metrology and general acoustics essential

·Availability to work embedded in national and international projects

General Knowledge:

·To Install and operate the survey positioning and navigation equipment, fully understand and set up the equipment to operate.

·To calibrate the survey positioning equipment, gyro compass and tracking equipment prior to the commencement of a survey. To document such calibrations according to the quality procedures.

·To be responsible for obtaining and checking the required geodetic parameters in which the survey is to be performed.

·To maintain a detailed survey log of events, including line logs, and other logs as directed by the Party chief.

·To compile navigation records for the Survey report and its appendices.

·To ensure that all navigation data is fully backed up to disk in duplicate, and that no survey data is left on the computers upon demobilisation.

·Actively participates in Operations, Quality Assurance and HSE group meetings

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José Hamilton de Oliveira
#1. Maio 3rd, 2014, at 11:33 AM.

ATT. Srs(a)

Gostaria de saber o motivo já enviei diversos Curriculum para esta em presa a INTERMOOR e até o momento não recebi nenhuma resposta e olha que tenho bastante experiência na área. Aposentado a dois anos pela Petrobras onde trabalhei nas diversas funções na área marítimas.

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